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October 3, 2012

Selectsoft, a leading developer of family-friendly games, announces Drop Zone: Under Fire for Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service. Dive into action with Drop Zone! Get the adrenaline flowing as you blast your way through free fall. Adjust your velocity while maneuvering around buildings and automated fire in a 360º immersive sky-dive simulation. Pick up weapons and bonuses, and feel the thrill of blasting robot ships as you rush towards your jump target!

Blast through 100 action-packed levels filled with incredible graphics and fun twists! Drop Zone: Under Fire was developed in partnership with Teyon, and will be available on Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service on October 4th for 500 Wii Points™.

Selectsoft is a leading developer of family-friendly games and apps. With our partners we’ve created best-selling games for the Nintendo DSi™ and Wii™ systems, including 101 Dolphin Pets, Super Swap! and Mini Golf Resort. For almost 20 years, Selectsoft has been dedicated to providing affordable, fun entertainment for the whole family! Visit to learn more.

Teyon is a successful developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for all leading platforms. Established in 2006 in Poland, the company is focused on the development of high-quality video games and software. Teyon has created best-selling games for the Nintendo DSi™ and Wii™ systems including the well-received puzzle games Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter. Visit to learn more.

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September 28, 2012

Selectsoft, a division of MPS Multimedia, is pleased to announce the launch of, a new online store for premium language courses. Featuring both Audio-Forum® foreign language courses and Selectsoft foreign language software, is a one-stop shop for quality full-length foreign language programs across over 60 different languages, including Foreign Service Institute courses, language-learning software, audio CDs and digital downloads.

Audio-Forum is already one of the most trusted name in premium foreign language learning. Starting as an audio-recording production house for the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, Audio-Forum became the first publisher of FSI foreign language courses for the general public. For 40 years, Audio-Forum has been the original and most trusted source for Foreign Service Institute study courses. In addition to FSI courses, Audio-Forum also offers more quality full-length foreign language-learning programs in more languages. Over the years, countless customers have confidently learned a new language with Audio-Forum foreign language courses.

Besides offering Audio-Forum titles in the familiar Book, CD Audio, CD Audio/Book, MP3 Audio, MP3 Audio/Book and DVD formats, the new store will offer the Audio-Forum line as CD-ROMs, MP3 downloads, PC downloads and Mobile Apps. These new products will feature updated packaging and digitally re-mastered audio to make the Audio-Forum foreign language courses an even better value than ever. And of course, Audio-Forum remains the gold standard for FSI courses, providing additional content, professionally printed books, quality packaging, and a fantastic overall foreign language learning experience.

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September 26, 2012

An app for Android phones and tablets, and coming soon for iPad and iPhone, Spanish Flash Card Fun features a clean interface that makes it easy and fast to locate specific entries. Along with a simple search function, users can choose their favorite letter to explore from a large alphabet menu. Even the youngest learners can easily swipe from word to word as they browse through the flash cards. Spoken audio provides the pronunciation for each word, while an audio English translation and picture illustrate the meaning. It's a simple and entertaining way for beginners to pick up vocabulary and a great refresher for more advanced learners. Plus, travelers can use the audio to hear spoken pronunciations and translations of common Spanish words.

In addition to the word entries, Spanish Flash Card Fun also includes a Game Mode that lets users play a quick word matching game. Users match each picture to the right word using what they've learned from the flash card section. Sound effects and friendly popups let users know if they've guessed correctly or need to try again. With no time limit or scores, it's a relaxing and stress-free way to review vocabulary and work on memorization and comprehension skills.

About Spanish Flash Card Fun
Boost your Spanish vocabulary with 400+ A to Z flash cards!
Build vocabulary and learn on the go with Spanish Flash Card Fun! Tap the word to hear it spoken in Spanish, then tap the picture to hear the English translation. Switch to Game mode and practice what you've learned with a fun matching puzzle. It's a fast, easy way to learn new words in any language.

Swipe through over 400 useful words, each accompanied by colorful pictures, or use the fast search function to go to specific entries. The simple controls and easy navigation make it easy for learners of all ages to use.

Hear words spoken aloud in English and Spanish
Over 400 words to choose from
Includes colorful photos for every word
Match the words to the pictures with a fun puzzle game
Browse through the alphabet, or use the easy search function—it makes finding words a snap!

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August 30, 2012

We've released Reading Fun 1st Grade HD, a new educational language arts game for iPad®, Android tablet and Mac. Children can master reading and have fun too with a variety of unique exercises and puzzles, including crosswords, rebuses, stories, riddles and more. With an easy-to-use interface and straightforward gameplay, Reading Fun is an entertaining way to encourage the development of fundamental reading and writing skills for all ages.

A strong grasp of basic language concepts is essential for future success. With Reading Fun, kids can acquire a solid foundation in reading and writing and have a great time doing it! Reading Fun covers patterns of sentence construction, word meaning, reading comprehension, word spacing and more. Hundreds of carefully designed exercises and drills reinforce creative learning and make language arts concepts come alive. Classic fables, writing exercises, simple puzzles and Game Center achievements show children that learning can be simple and fun. A straightforward drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use for kids of all ages. With no time limits or scores, it's a relaxing and stress-free way for children to practice and explore critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an engaging, interactive learning environment.

Reading Fun is the latest in Selectsoft's growing line of educational apps which includes Math Fun 1st Grade, Children's Picture Dictionary, Addition Frenzy, the Play & Learn language learning series and more. As a family-oriented developer with a background in both casual games and educational programs, we're committed to creating apps that combine learning with fun.

Reading Fun Description:
Follow a friendly robot on a reading and writing adventure! Kids can master reading and have fun with over 200 exercises that use puzzle-solving, riddles, stories, pictures and more. Learn about sentence construction, word meaning, reading comprehension and other language arts concepts.

• Simple drag-and-drop interface
• Over 200 exercises and games to reinforce learning
• Covers sentence construction, word meaning, reading comprehension, word spacing and more
• Includes crosswords, rebuses, stories and riddles for a varied challenge

Explore the universe of reading and writing with 8 kinds of activities:

• Sentence Construction: Create sentences using common words
• Rebuses: Guess which words are represented by the pictures
• Word Spacing: Learn about spacing letters to form words
• Riddles: Solve the riddle by decoding the braille symbols
• Sentences: Complete sentences by filling in missing words
• Word Meaning: Learn how the meaning of words depends on context
• Comprehension: Read fables and answer questions
• Crosswords: Complete the crossword puzzles

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August 23, 2012

We're excited to announce our newest language learning app for iOS and Android: Spanish Travel Talk. An audio phrasebook filled with over 800 useful words and phrases, Spanish Travel Talk is a great way for travelers and beginners to quickly pick up Spanish essentials while on the go.

A universal app for iPad and iPhone, and also available on Android phones and tablets, Spanish Travel Talk features a simple interface that makes it easy and quick to locate specific entries. Along with a fast search function, users can choose from 9 basic categories: Essentials, Air Travel, Hotel, Food, Transportation, Shopping, Activities, Automobile and Emergency. Travelers can use the audio to provide fast spoken translations of key phrases or look up common words for conversational support. Plus, while other phrasebook apps might require additional downloads to access all their content, Spanish Travel Talk contains everything within the app, making it perfect for use abroad.

In addition to the phrasebook features, Spanish Travel Talk is also great for language learning. The quiz mode and flash card feature offer more opportunities to review vocabulary and work on listening and comprehension skills with text and audio. Users can switch between English and Spanish to better target the areas they need the most practice. A slow speech setting helps learners master correct word pronunciation. Spanish Travel Talk offers a combination of deep content and easy functionality that makes it a fun way for anyone to learn on the go.

Spanish Travel Talk is part of our ongoing line of educational language apps which includes the popular Play & Learn series, the top-selling Mac series Speak & Learn and the upcoming Flash Card Fun language apps. Spanish Travel Talk is available now for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play.

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August 1, 2012

We're pleased to announce the release of Bible Hangman Quest Mini Edition as part of our on-going line of Bible-based word games for tablets and mobile. Bible Hangman Quest Mini Edition is an entertaining way to enhance your understanding and knowledge of the Bible, featuring over 1000 words and hundreds of fun hangman puzzles based on the people, places and stories of the Bible. Choose between 2 fun game modes for fast-paced action or relaxing gameplay. It's a fun way to use and expand Bible vocabulary on-the-go on your favorite mobile device.

Specially designed for the small screens of mobile devices, Bible Hangman Quest Mini Edition features a clean, colorful touch interface for a fun “play anywhere” experience. Players can pick between their preferred game mode for more varied gameplay and additional challenge. Timed Mode provides a fast-paced experience, as players try to solve the puzzle while the clock ticks down. Relaxed Mode lets players to enjoy the puzzles at their own pace without the pressures of a timer, for a more soothing playing experience.

Our line of Bible-based word games includes the top 100 iPad® word game Bible Word Search!, Bible Word Search Mini and Bible Hangman Quest, all available now. Each offers a brain-teasing way to practice your Bible knowledge with challenging puzzles in categories such as the Disciples, Biblical Locations, The Book of Revelation and more. They're a fun way to explore the people, places, concepts, history and stories of the Bible in an entertaining, portable package. Upcoming titles in the Bible series include Bible Word Scramble and Bible Word Scramble Mini.

As a family-oriented developer with a background in both casual games and learning programs, we're committed to creating apps that combine education and excitement.

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