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March 25, 2013

As new research shows the benefits of bilingual learning for the brain and the importance of foreign language skills to employers, we're pleased to announce the release of Portuguese Immersion, the latest in our line of foreign language "Immersion" apps for iPhone and iPad. As an educational app developer, we've long been committed to encouraging foreign language education for all ages, especially since strong foreign language skills can offer many benefits. For example, being comfortable with another language is often seen as a way for job seekers to stand out in a tough market, as demonstrated by a recent survey of HR managers conducted by the British Council, Booz Allen Hamilton and Ipsos Public Affairs. According to the study, released in March, finding job candidates with foreign language skills is one of the top challenges for businesses today. Asked about the importance of "intercultural skills" to employers, many organizations stated that employees with these skills bring in new clients, facilitate work within diverse teams and support the organization's brand and reputation. Multilingualism is seen as a strong indicator of these coveted intercultural abilities. However, HR managers report that fewer than half of job candidates display this skill. With our Language Immersion apps, users can acquire new language skills with confidence while playing fun "find it" games and exploring real-world settings.

Our latest language release, Portuguese Immersion, features realistic environments, fast "find it" games and over 700 Portuguese words and phrases. Users listen to and speak aloud words and phrases while exploring scenes such as a restaurant or market, and matching pictures to the words. Portuguese Immersion is an easy and effective way for beginners and travelers to learn to speak Portuguese and is a quick, entertaining refresher for advanced and intermediate speakers.

In addition to potential career benefits, scientific research also continues to show the benefits of foreign language learning, as in a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience which suggested a connection between bilingualism and faster reaction time. According to the study, speaking more than one language can reduce the decline of cognitive flexibility over time, specifically in older adults. As a family-oriented developer with a background in both casual games and educational programs, we're committed to creating apps that combine education with fun games for a lifetime of learning. To this end, the Language Immersion apps are part of our extended line of educational language apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac which also includes the popular Play & Learn series, the top-selling series Speak & Learn, the Flash Card Fun language apps, Spanish Travel Talk, Audio-Forum apps and more.

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February 26, 2013

Talky Chip, an entertaining and silly interactive 3D talking chicken app, is now available for Android. Type in text or speak to Talky Chip and hear him talk back in a goofy voice. Users can easily record and share videos via Facebook, YouTube and email of Chip saying anything they want. Talky Chip offers one of the most robust text and talk features ever included in an interactive talking app, plus many funny preset phrases and amusing animations. Unlike other talking apps which mostly rely on repeating spoken phrases, Talky Chip offers an especially easy-to-use and accurate text-to-talk feature. Users can type any kind of phrase for Chip to speak and make the text as simple or complicated as they want. Chip will repeat the words exactly in his wacky voice. Or skip the keyboard and just talk directly to the app to make Chip mimic. For users who'd rather let someone else come up with the jokes, Talky Chip also features amusing preset phrases and a special animation for hours of entertainment for all ages.

Talky Chip is part of the Talky Toons series of apps that also includes the talking dinosaur app Talky Don, available on iOS and Android. The stunning 3D animations and detailed backgrounds make all the Talky Toon apps as much fun to look at as to listen to. Talky Chip is available now through the App Store in the Games category and on Google Play, and is coming soon in HD for the iPad, the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble and on the Amazon Appstore.

About Talky Chip:
Text, talk and play with Talky Chip, the sassy talking chicken! Type in text to hear Chip say anything in a silly voice. Or just speak and hear him hilariously repeat everything. Easily record and share fun videos via Facebook, YouTube and email as Chip talks, mimics, dances and more. Find out why the chicken crossed the road!

• Text and Talk: Enter any text and tap the speaker button to hear Chip talk. It's the best text talk feature you can find in any talking app.
• Mimic: Talk into the microphone and hear Chip repeat everything you say in a funny voice.
• Cute, Funny and Smart Speech Presets: Tap the speech button to have Chip say amusing preset phrases.
• Record and Share: Easily capture video of Chip's antics to share via Facebook, YouTube and email.
• Change Playback Speed and Pitch: Speed up and slow down talk speed and choose between high- and low-pitched voices.
• 3 Fun Emotions: Tap the emotion button to take Chip from normal to angry to happy.
• Special Animation: See Chip shake a tailfeather as he dances and jumps.
• Random Mode: Let Chip choose what to say.
• Great for Kids

Get these great in-app purchases:
• Additional Speech Packs including Funny Essentials, Funny Sarcasm, Parenting Humor, Silly Jokes for Kids and the Wisdom of Mark Twain
• Create Your Own Presets
• Special Animation Pack

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February 20, 2013

Return to the world of the Top 100 iPad board game City Mysteries with City Mysteries 2! A Top 10 iPad trivia game and Top 50 iPad board game, City Mysteries 2 HD offers pick-up-and-play hidden object fun for players of all ages on Android and iOS.

We are pleased to announce the release of City Mysteries 2 HD, the sequel to the Top 100 iPad board game City Mysteries HD, available now for iPad and Android tablets. Debuting in the top 50 for iPad board games and top 10 for iPad trivia games, City Mysteries 2 takes users on a mysterious journey through the cities of Honolulu, Mexico City, Toronto and Washington, DC. Players search for over 1000 items carefully placed in detailed indoor and outdoor scenes as intricate art and evocative sound effects create an imaginative atmosphere. Rather than focusing on complicated storylines and time-consuming puzzles, City Mysteries 2 instead offers fast gameplay and rich visuals, making it easy to see why this hidden object adventure has quickly climbed the iPad charts.

The strong sales validate our decision last year to focus on the hidden object market for mobile games. With hidden object tablet apps reaching the top of the iPad and Facebook charts as players moved from desktop PCs to mobile and social platforms, Selectsoft spotted an opportunity to make fun, fast-playing puzzles for casual mobile gamers. Unlike traditional PC hidden object games with complicated plots that require a serious time investment from players, our hidden object tablet games capture casual players who want a quick diversion without sacrificing detailed visuals and quality gameplay. It’s an approach that has proven successful, as City Mysteries HD and City Mysteries 2 HD join our ongoing line of chart-topping iPad hidden object games that includes Secret Empires of the Ancient World HD, Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD, Mystery Europe HD, Hideaways: Foggy Valley HD, Gothic Masquerade HD, Hidden Collection HD, Lost Tales of Egypt HD and the upcoming Mystery USA! HD.

Along with the classic hidden object puzzles with text description of objects, City Mysteries 2 contains additional puzzle variations, such as tile scrambles and object silhouette puzzles. Users search rooms, streets, landmarks and more in carefully created pictures that will challenge the observation skills of any player. This fun pick-up-and-play app features an addictive blend of immersive art and classic puzzle gameplay, plus easy-to-use touch interfaces, high-resolution pictures, useful hints and high-score boards.

Game Features:
• Over 1000 hidden objects
• 2 playing modes, casual and timed
• Easily zoom in and out of scenes set in Honolulu, Mexico City, Toronto and Washington, DC
• Easy controls, interesting sound effects and detailed art
• Fun seek and find gameplay
• Includes bonus sliding tile puzzles

City Mysteries 2 HD offers classic hidden object puzzle fun for casual players and experienced hidden object fans alike, and is available now through the App Store in the iPad Games category and on Google Play, the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble and on the Amazon Appstore.

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January 28, 2013

Chicken Dynamo, a "touchless" tilt and fly iPhone and Android game has just been released to the App Store and Google Play. Fly through the air dodging obstacles and collecting coins with the smoothest, fastest accelerometer game controls ever for iOS and Android.

Family-friendly independent game developer Selectsoft is pleased to announce the release of Chicken Dynamo for iPhone and Android. A brand-new flying game, Chicken Dynamo features no-tap tilt controls and an addictive, unique style of gameplay. Players tilt their phones to steer Ace Dynamo, a speedy chicken looking to fly as far as he can without running into kooky obstacles. Friendly, hand-drawn graphics invite players into the colorful world, while simple controls make the game deceptively easy to pick up (though hard to master!).

Unlike other distance and flight apps, Chicken Dynamo is controlled entirely by the accelerometer and also features unusual "screen wrap" effects. Players guide the crazy chicken Ace Dynamo as he flies through the sky, navigating wacky enemies and grabbing gold coins. How far can Ace get before he collides with something and explodes in a colorful burst of feathers? Quick reflexes are needed to keep Ace from slamming into meteors, propellers, airplanes and more as he speeds along, collecting coins and racking up the miles.

The game is straightforward to play—just hold the phone like a steering wheel and tilt gently to send Ace soaring around obstacles and towards coins. Quickly diving off the bottom of the screen "wraps" Ace instantly to the top of the screen, adding another level of strategy. The no-tap accelerometer tilt controls are easy to understand and use, but addictively hard to master. While loosely related to "distance" games such as Tiny Wings and "side-scrollers" such as Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run, Chicken Dynamo offers a genreless combination of arcade action, precise controls and pure flight. As Selectsoft game programmer Eric Zingeler describes it: "There are plenty of games on the iPhone that use the accelerometer. Surprisingly few use it for precision control. We think we've filled that niche. The tilt controls are smooth, accurate and completely touchless. No taps, no swiping! All the gameplay is purely motion-based. It makes for a really fun, really intuitive and amazingly exciting experience." Using only the accelerometer, Chicken Dynamo blends the smooth flow of a flying game with the tight controls of an action game and the excitement of an arcade game.

Chicken Dynamo represents an exciting new venture for Selectsoft as their first completely in-house game production. "We've been working on mobile apps and games for the past 2 years, but this is the first game we've created where absolutely all the art, design and programming was done in-house," explains Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen. "Chicken Dynamo has turned out to be an awesome and unique mobile game. It's a thrilling step for us as an indie game developer," he added. Chicken Dynamo is part of Selectsoft's exploding line of casual games for iOS and Android, including top 100 iPhone game Castle Clout, top 100 iPhone puzzle game Super Swap!, top 100 iPad adventure game Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa HD, and top 100 iPhone card game Solitaire Spin.

About Chicken Dynamo:
All Ace Dynamo wants to do is soar through the sky and not get creamed by floating meteors and spinning fans. Help this crazy chicken realize his simple dream! Just tilt the phone to make Ace speed through kooky obstacles, collect coins and go the distance.

Enjoy addictive action and no-touch flying controls as Ace dodges planes, satellites and pesky heat-seeking missiles. Make fast tilts and turns and the accelerometer will respond instantly. As Ace racks up coins and miles, players can compete against friends with Game Center to see who can get the highest score and most achievements!

Hold the phone like a steering wheel and gently tilt to send Ace soaring around obstacles and towards coins. Make a quick escape with a sharp dive off the bottom of the screen to pop Ace instantly around to the top of the screen. Reverse the move to send Ace from the top to bottom in the blink of an eye. Talk about fancy flying!

• Totally fun, unique gameplay
• Smooth, fast and incredibly awesome tilt controls—no need to tap, swipe or touch!
• Game Center achievements and leaderboards let players compare scores with friends
• Eight crazy obstacles: meteor, fan, satellite, ladder, propeller, bug zapper, airplane and missile
• Collect coins to boost the score
• Blow up missiles to earn extra points, but don't get hit!
• See how far Ace can get without crashing

Chicken Dynamo is available now through the App Store in the Games category and on Google Play, and is coming soon in HD for the iPad, the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble and on the Amazon Appstore. A game trailer is available at YouTube.

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January 16, 2013

Educational app developer Selectsoft is pleased to announce the release of the first Audio-Forum® language learning apps for iPhone and iPad. Audio-Forum is one of the most trusted names in premium foreign language learning, beginning as an audio-recording production house for the Foreign Service Institute and then becoming the first publisher of FSI foreign language courses for the general public. Now, with the release of the Spanish Programmatic Course Vol. 1 app and the upcoming release of additional levels, the quality full-course content of Audio-Forum's foreign language titles is available at last in a fully mobile form.

Spanish Programmatic Course Vol. 1 by Audio-Forum covers the content of the original FSI course, and additional cultural information, grammatical explanations and drills. The program is carefully designed to help new learners memorize and practice each lesson to encourage a complete mastery of the material. The text provides support to the audio by providing explanations of points of grammar and usage. However, with an emphasis on the audio content, users of the app will find it easy to review lessons on-the-go.

With the Spanish Programmatic app, users can learn Spanish in as little as 25 minutes a day. Unlike other foreign language course materials, Audio-Forum's language programs are specifically designed for self-instructional use without the aid of a teacher. The app is a full-course PDF audio-book, allowing users to listen to the audio with or without the text, quickly navigate to lessons from the table of contents, and bookmark specific pages. The audio/text method has been developed with U.S. State Department's Foreign Service Institute authors and instructors specifically for diplomats, and is a proven way to achieve fluency.

About Spanish Programmatic Course Vol. 1
Learn Spanish the proven way—just like a diplomat! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve fluency in Spanish using this proven audio/text method. For over 40 years, Audio-Forum has been the original and most trusted source for Foreign Service Institute language courses. While other premium language courses offer only the means to learn to speak, with Audio-Forum you'll not only speak fluently, you'll also master reading, writing, and grammar skills at a scholarly level—all with the confidence and polish of a native Spanish speaker. After all, diplomats have proven for years that this method works!

• 17 hours of audio, 25 lessons, and 464 pages plus a manual
• Master a native accent with detailed audio
• Covers word stress, intonation, vocabulary, and pronunciation
• Practical dialogs and conversations
• Writing awareness and application
• Reading multisyllabic words and cognates
• Brief culture capsules in English
• Grammatical observation and practice, word and phrase substitution, and more!
• Includes bookmarks, zoom, and easy-to-use table of contents

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December 21, 2012

Selectsoft, a leading developer of family-friendly games, announces 101 DinoPets 3D for Nintendo 3DS™. What's even more fun than a puppy for a pet? Your very own dinosaur friend to care for, teach, play with and love, all in amazing 3D! Show your dino how to dance, jump and fly, then enter pet shows to earn toys, food and furniture. Dress up your pet with hats and glasses, and enjoy fun minigames as you take your dino to the vet, give it a bath and romp in the yard.

You'll never be bored with over 101 dino friends to groom, pamper, play with and love! 101 DinoPets 3D was developed in partnership with Teyon, and will be available through the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS on January 10, 2013 for $4.99 (USD).