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May 30, 2013

My Talky Mack: The Talking Monkey is the newest family-friendly entertainment app from California-based developer Selectsoft. My Talky Mack is a funny and silly interactive 3D talking monkey app for iPhone, iPad and Android, joining Talky Don the Talking Dinosaur and Hello Talky Chip the Talking Chicken on the App Store and Google Play. My Talky Mack combines amusing preset phrases, funny animations and a highly responsive mimicking function with the easy-to-use talk-text feature for hours of entertainment for kids and adults.

My Talky Mack features an especially robust, easy-to-use and accurate interactive text-to-talk capability, letting users type any kind of phrase for Mack to speak. Type in text or speak to Talky Mack and hear him talk back in a goofy voice, then record and share videos via Facebook, YouTube and more. For those who just want to hear a good joke, a library of amusing presets is included. Unlike other talking apps which mostly rely on repeating spoken or preset phrases, however, My Talky Mack offers more opportunity for customization, as users can make the text Mack says as simple or complicated as they want. Or skip the keyboard and just talk directly to the app to make Mack mimic. Users can also speed up or slow down the playback for additional fun. Plus, with full-body 3D animations, stunning backgrounds and fun sound effects, My Talky Mack is as much fun to look at as to listen to. Mack makes faces, dances, jumps and more as he speaks and repeats. My Talky Mack is available now through the App Store in the Games category and on Google Play, the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble and on the Amazon Appstore.

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May 29, 2013

Children can master addition and subtraction skills with Math Fun 1st Grade: Addition & Subtraction, now available for Windows 8. Selectsoft is pleased to bring this Mac App Store top 50 education app to the Windows 8 Store with a kid-friendly touch interface. Math Fun 1st Grade teaches fundamental math skills using a variety of fun exercises and puzzles, including math bingo, magic squares, word problems, anagrams and more. With a colorful, easy-to-use interface and engaging lessons, Math Fun makes learning on Windows 8 devices even more entertaining. It's a stress-free way for children to practice and explore critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Math Fun 1st Grade encourages the development of fundamental addition and subtraction skills for all ages. A strong understanding of arithmetic is essential for children at any stage in life. Math Fun 1st Grade helps children grasp such basic math concepts such as patterns of ten, mental calculations, place values, equations, inequalities and more using over 200 carefully designed exercises and drills. A combination of real-life situations and fun math games reinforce learning and make math concepts come alive. Bright pictures, drag-and-drop gameplay and a helpful robot guide make even the trickiest ideas kid-friendly.

Math Fun 1st Grade features 10 activity sections, each of which focuses on a different concept or learning approach. Sections 1 and 2 introduce the ideas of addition and subtraction by asking users to count objects. Section 3 lets children practice their arithmetical skills by solving simple equations to reveal colorful pictures. Section 4 introduces number families and shows how they can be useful in quickly solving equations. Users are introduced to patterns of ten in Section 5, allowing for a focus on mental arithmetic and larger numbers that is continued in Section 6, which introduces place value. Section 7 covers inequality, while the last three sections provide a fun review through word problems, magic squares and bingo games. Math Fun shows that with an engaging, interactive learning environment, even solving equations can be fun.

With the successful launch of Math Fun 1st Grade for Windows 8, Selectsoft is working to quickly release their entire Fun With learning series, including Math Fun 2nd Grade, Reading Fun 1st Grade, Vocabulary & Spelling Fun 1st Grade and Grammar Fun 2nd Grade.

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May 13, 2013

A new free version of Chicken Dynamo, a "touchless" tilt and fly iPhone and iPad game has just been released to the App Store. Fly through the air dodging obstacles and collecting coins with the smoothest, fastest accelerometer game controls ever! An addictive "tilt and fly" game, Chicken Dynamo features no-tap controls for a smooth, fast style of play. Already available in an ad-free paid version, this new free edition of Chicken Dynamo lets players download and try the unique "touchless" flying controls with a full, no-cost, ad-supported version of the game.

Gently tilt the phone or tablet to steer Ace Dynamo, a flying chicken looking to soar as far as possible while avoiding airborne enemies. Players guide Ace as he flies through the sky, snagging gold coins and dodging wacky obstacles like fans and meteors. If he collides with something, he'll explode in a colorful burst of floating feathers. Unlike other distance and flight apps, Chicken Dynamo is controlled entirely by the accelerometer, which means users don't have to touch the screen to play. The simple controls make the game easy to understand and pick up, but it takes a steady hand and some practice to become a flying ace. Without quick reflexes, Ace may slam into bug zappers, propellers, airplanes and more as he speeds on his quest to collect coins and cover the miles.

The game also features unusual "screen wrap" effects. If a player quickly dives off the bottom of the screen, Ace "wraps" instantly to the top of the screen. It's another level of strategy that is easy to understand and use, but addictively hard to master. While inviting comparisons to such so-called "distance" games as Tiny Wings and "side-scrollers" such as Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, Chicken Dynamo offers a unique kind of precision accelerometer control for a genreless combination of arcade action and pure flight. Using accelerometer-only controls brings an intuitive sense of flow to what would otherwise be just an exciting arcade game. Plus, warm, hand-drawn art pulls players into the kooky and colorful world of Ace Dynamo. With its combination of smooth controls, friendly art and fun sound effects, Chicken Dynamo provides an entertaining and immersive game experience for all ages.

Chicken Dynamo is part of Selectsoft's exploding line of casual games for iOS and Android, including top 100 iPhone game Castle Clout, top 100 iPhone puzzle game Super Swap!, top 100 iPad adventure game Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa HD, and top 100 iPhone card game Solitaire Spin.

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April 29, 2013

We're pleased to announce the release of ABCs with Dally Dino. ABCs with Dally Dino combines fun-filled educational mini-games with illustrated A to Z talking flashcards to make learning the alphabet entertaining for kids of all ages. Educational apps can help children start building academic fundamentals at an early age. With ABCs with Dally Dino, kids practice essential reading, memory, math, and critical thinking skills while having fun.

The app features 7 learning activities, including I spy, memory games, sorting, sequences, matching, and counting. Children can quickly discover the ABCs with friendly illustrated flash cards, then play games to reinforce what they've learned. Each of the 7 activities focuses on something different: "Learn" teaches the alphabet using talking flashcards; "Count" fosters letter recognition; "I Spy" is a fun search game; "Match" is a letter matching game; "Sort" features upper and lower case letters; "Pairs" is a memory game; and "Order" focuses on alphabetical order. Though using simple concepts, these games can encourage the early development of language, reading and listening skills for young children. For instance, "Order" develops thinking, concentration and alphabetizing skills as kids drag the missing letters to the correct spots in the alphabetical sequence. On the other hand, "Count" develops basic math skills, the ability to group by association and letter recognition.

ABCs with Dally Dino is designed especially for young kids to explore on their own. A large button menu lets users choose which game to play first, while Dally Dinosaur explains and introduces each activity in a friendly way. Simple drag-and-drop actions, swipes and taps are easy for even the youngest learners to pick up. Eye-catching art, funny animation and bright cartoon characters create an inviting, warm and child-friendly interface. As kids complete exercises and progress through the app, they can also earn colorful alphabet stickers to play with and enjoy. It's a great way to stimulate the creativity and self-confidence of young children while keeping them entertained.

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April 11, 2013

We're pleased to announce the release of ABC Animal vs. Veggie Flash Cards, a set of fun-filled illustrated A to Z flashcards plus a memory matching game designed especially for kids. Children can quickly learn their ABCs with 2 sets of friendly illustrated flash cards featuring A to Z cartoon animals and vegetables. It's easy for kids of any age to use—just tap the cards to hear each letter and word spoken aloud, then swipe to go to the next letter. Switching to game mode, users can play a picture matching game for another fun way to practice the alphabet. Though a simple concept, talking flash cards are an entertaining a way to encourage early development of language, reading and listening skills for young children. Kids can quickly pick up which animal or vegetable goes with each letter, making learning the alphabet fun and easy. ABC Animal vs. Veggie is available now for the iPhone and Android phones and tablets, and is coming soon for iPad and Mac.

Animal vs. Veggie uses eye-catching art and bright cartoon characters to create an inviting, warm and child-friendly interface. A large button menu lets users choose which flash cards to explore, or choose to jump straight into the matching game. Even the youngest children can easily navigate, quickly swiping from word to word as they browse through the alphabet. Spoken audio provides reinforcement for each letter, helping to build phonics recognition, while introducing new animal and vegetable words. It's a simple and entertaining way to discover new vocabulary and the ABCs that's perfect for the earliest learners.

In addition to the flash cards, ABC Animal vs. Veggie also includes a "Vs." game mode that lets users play a fun picture matching game featuring all the animals, vegetables and letters. Kids match each picture to the right letter using what they've learned from the alphabet cards. In easy match mode, all the pictures are visible to let kids practice their matching skills. Switching to hidden mode adds an extra challenge, as the pictures are hidden and users must remember the correct position for each item to make a match. Funny sound effects let children know if they've guessed correctly or need to try again. With no time limit or scores, it's a relaxing and amusing way for kids to practice and explore their new vocabulary.

ABC Animal vs. Veggie is the latest in our growing line of educational apps which combine learning with fun games, including Children's Picture Dictionary, the Flash Card Fun foreign language apps, the Reading Fun series, Addition Frenzy and many more. As a developer and publisher, Selectsoft remains dedicated to making family-oriented casual games and educational apps for all ages, and is pleased to have the release of ABC Animal vs. Veggie reinforce that commitment.

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March 28, 2013

With a recent study providing new indications of the link between hidden object video games and improved cognitive performance, we're pleased to announce the release of Mystery USA! for Mac, the newest in our line of pick-up-and-play hidden object games for players of all ages. The hidden object game is still a popular genre as players expand their gaming from desktop PCs to mobile devices like the iPad and social platforms like Facebook, and over the past year we've introduced a series of fun, fast-playing HOGs for casual gamers. Now there is evidence that these kinds of games can provide brain benefits as well as entertainment.
According to the study from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, playing hidden object games can improve cognition. The research, published in the open access journal PLOS ONE, shows that different kinds of gameplay can impact different mental processes. For example, action games bettered attention and object tracking, while hidden object games enhanced visual search recognition and spatial memory. In the study, the researchers asked non-gamers to play a game one hour a day, five days a week for a month, then looked at their performance on various kinds of cognitive tasks. The video games seemed to provide "training" to particular areas of cognitive function, much like an exercise routine strengthens specific muscles. These kinds of cognitive improvements could possibly work to extend the educational potential of hidden object games created by developers like Selectsoft. The mental effects appear to be independent of the game style and more closely related to the game type. As it stands, Mystery USA! provides a fast, streamlined version of hidden object gameplay, focusing on rich visuals without relying on complicated storylines and large time investments.
Mystery USA! joins our ongoing line of chart-topping iPad and Mac hidden object games that includes Secret Empires of the Ancient World, Secret Journeys: Cities of the World, Mystery Europe!, Gothic Masquerade, and The Hidden Collection. Mystery USA! invites users to explore the Grand Canyon, Texas, California and South Carolina on a seek and find adventure filled with buildings, streets, landmarks, and more. Users search colorful indoor and outdoor locations containing over 1000 carefully placed items that can challenge the observation skills of any player. In addition to classic hidden object puzzles, Mystery USA! also offers tile scrambles and object silhouette puzzles. Plus, the game features an easy-to-use touch interface, high-resolution pictures, useful hints and high-score boards.
As a publisher and developer, we've long been interested in providing games and apps that combine educational and entertainment value, and as this latest research demonstrates, the divide between learning and play is shrinking. Mystery USA! offers classic hidden object puzzle fun for casual players and experienced hidden object fans alike, and is available now through the Mac App Store in the Games category and also for the iPad, on Google Play, on the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble and on the Amazon Appstore.

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