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February 27, 2014

As research continues to show the benefits of music learning for the brain, California-based family-friendly app developer Selectsoft is excited to announce Guitar All Star, their newest music learning app for iPhone and iPad. Joining Selectsoft's other top-selling education titles, Guitar All Star combines split-screen video lessons, flash cards and a quiz to quickly teach practical guitar skills to users of all ages. Guitar All Star makes it easy to learn, practice and repeat real songs and chords, with over 60 exercises and songs covering strumming, finger picking, riffs and solos. Containing exercises and songs in all the major styles—rock, blues and country, bluegrass and celtic, classical and world music—and covering both acoustic and electric guitar playing, Guitar All Star will keep musicians of all types interested and ready to learn.

Guitar All Star features a simple interface that makes it easy and quick to browse lessons. Users follow along with the step-by-step personal video lessons as an expert shows the right way to play. The demos provide easy-to-follow, clear, close-up split-screen views of both hands to ensure the correct technique. Written insets let users learn by ear and learn to read music at the same time. After watching the video lessons, users can review with a quiz, or browse through the menu to jump to specific lessons for additional practice. Fifty flash cards cover chords, providing an opportunity to work on memorization skills with pictures and text. After completing the Guitar All Star course, users will have learned about both acoustic and electric guitars, effects, amps, stringing, alternate tunings, strumming, finger picking, riffs, solos and more.

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February 27, 2014

Quickly turn any photo into a hilarious talking video with Talking Face Booth, the new animated app coming soon for iPhone and iPad from California-based developer Selectsoft. Users can talk or text to the app to make any photo talk back in a silly voice, or choose from preset phrases and jokes. The app makes it easy to put words into the mouths of friends, family, pets, celebrities, babies, or even objects, and share the videos via Vine, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more.

It's fast to get started with the app—users take or pick a photo, find the face in the picture, then start recording. Unlike other talking pet and animated booth apps, Talking Face Booth features two different easy-to-use modes, instant repeat and robot text. In immediate playback mode, users simply say anything they want and the photo will animate and repeat the phrase in a silly voice. In text and talk mode, users can access the robust text/talk feature to enter text and hear the picture talk back in a funny robotic voice. The app also includes the option to unlock preset phrase packs including Funny Essentials, Funny Sarcasm, Silly Jokes and the Wisdom of Mark Twain. Once users pick what phrases to use they can speed up or slow down the playback, and change pitch for maximum hilarity. The videos are easy to share, and can be used as e-cards, turned into viral videos, used as music videos and more. Talking Face Booth is coming soon for the iPhone and iPad through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

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January 30, 2014

Personalizing a new iPhone or iPad is easier than ever with the new Magical Monograms app! California-based family-friendly app developer Selectsoft is pleased to announce the release of Magical Monograms, a new wallpaper and icon skin app for iPhone and iPad. Personalization is a hot trend for phones and tablets, and Magical Monograms makes it easy for users to add a custom touch to their lock and home screens with fun and unique designer-created monogrammed wallpapers.

With Magical Monograms, users can quickly create stylish lock and home screen monogram combos with single initials, names and triple initials. When creating a new monogram, users start by typing in their first name and middle and last initials. They can then quickly swipe through multiple designs to preview a variety of font and background combinations, with each lock screen pattern also accompanied by a matching monogrammed home screen. Users pick their perfect designs, save to the camera roll and then can choose which combo to use to customize their device. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to create wallpapers to suit any mood, plus users can even make designs for friends and family to share via email, Twitter, Facebook and the camera roll.

The original, exclusive backgrounds are artist-designed and created, ranging from traditional "preppy" designs to creative photo backgrounds, and featuring eye-catching patterns, textures, animals and more paired with matching fonts. The app contains over 60 design combinations to personalize and an additional 30+ designs to unlock. With Apple posting record smartphone and tablet sales, according to their latest earnings report, and Android devices projected by Gartner research to reach 1 billion users for the first time, more phones and tablets are being bought than ever before, and users want to put their individualized stamp on their new devices. Magical Monograms is a fun way for users to add a personal touch to their phones and tablets, and is available now for iPhone through the App Store in the Lifestyle category and coming soon in an HD edition for the iPad.

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January 28, 2014

Smash castles, crush enemies and enjoy epic 3D trebuchet action with the release of Castle Clout 3D from California-based game developer Selectsoft! Featuring all new painted backgrounds, 150 levels, vivid 3D effects, new foes, special weapons, and a "hot seat" multiplayer mode, Castle Clout 3D brings medieval mayhem to the Nintendo 3DS™ like never before. Battle through the Forest, Frost, Desert, Jungle and Burning Lands to unite the empire and save the kingdom from the Darkness. Choose between the ballista and trebuchet, load it with ammo and release at the right angle to send boulders, bombs and more blazing through the air in front of immersive 3D painted backgrounds. Batter walls and topple foes while avoiding allies and earn Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies for each level. Then use the builder to create custom levels out of wood, stone and metal, filled with a variety of colorful foes. Or challenge friends and family in multiplayer mode and see who emerges the victor in a medieval battle royal.
Developed by Selectsoft in partnership with Teyon, Castle Clout 3D combines exciting physics-based play with clever strategy, entertaining sound effects and stunning visuals. Castle Clout 3D will be available through the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS on January 30, 2014 for $4.99 (USD).

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December 24, 2013

Stickers are the latest craze, showing up on social networking sites such as Facebook, and messaging apps such as Line, Viber and Path. Now users can add an extra festive flair to their silly snapshots, party pics, family portraits and travel photos with Holiday StickerGrams HD, a fun new photo sticker app for iPhone and iPad from Selectsoft, a California-based developer of family-friendly games. Users can effortlessly decorate photos with fun holiday-themed doodles, decorations and drawings, and instantly share their new creations with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. This free app comes with 64 holiday-themed stickers, with the option to unlock up to 64 more stickers with through in-app purchases. The high-quality Christmas, New Year's and Winter frames, ornaments and icons offered in the app can be resized, moved, rotated and edited on-the-fly. Pictures can be sent or shared immediately, or saved to the camera roll and changed later. It's a fun way for users to users creatively express emotions and ideas with the click of a sticker!
Stick and share 64 unique stickers—users can bedeck any photo with snowmen, balloons, presents, snowflakes, candy and more. With the simple tap interface, it's fast and simple to choose the perfect decoration. Hang a stocking over the fireplace, put a Santa hat on a friend, add a sparkling disco ball to the party and more. It's a fun way to add instant holiday cheer to send and share with friends and family! Holiday StickerGrams HD is available now for iPhone and iPad in the Lifestyle category.
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December 16, 2013

Phonics 2nd Grade Reading HD is a new educational app for iPad, Android tablet and Mac from Selectsoft. Children can have fun with simple drag-and-drop puzzles while learning all about word sounds, word meaning, spelling and more. A variety of fun exercises teach about the building blocks of English, for a strong foundation of early reading skills.

It's important for kids to learn the basic building blocks of language, and with Phonics 2nd Grade Reading HD they can have a great time doing it. With an engaging, interactive learning environment, even phonics can be fun. Easy-to-use exercises reinforce creative learning while covering key concepts with a simple drag-and-drop interface that is easy and stress-free for kids of all ages to use. The comprehensive content covers vowel and consonant sounds, blends, digraphs, word meanings, suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, contractions, plural forms, syllables, spelling and more through over 100 exercises and drills. WIth no time limits or scores, it's a relaxing way for children to practice and explore critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Phonics 2nd Grade Reading HD is just the latest addition to Selectsoft's many kid-friendly educational app offerings, which include Children's Picture Dictionary, Addition Frenzy, Grammar Fun 2nd Grade and more. As a family-oriented developer with a background in both casual games and educational programs, Selectsoft has an ongoing commitment to creating apps that combine learning with fun for all ages.

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