Guitar All Star: Easy Music Lessons

Guitar All Star: Easy Music Lessons
Platform:  iPhone/iPad (Universal App)
Category:  Music
Age Rating:  4+

Become a guitar-playing superstar with Guitar All Star! Learn to play both acoustic and electric guitar with step-by-step video lessons from a skilled teacher. From stringing and alternate tuning to effects and amps, you can quickly go from beginner to intermediate level. It's easy to work on proper techniques with the split screen video format that show a clear, close-up view of both hands at the same time. Plus, written insets let you learn by ear and learn to read music at the same time. Experience all the major styles—rock, blues and country, bluegrass and celtic, classical and world music—and get going fast!

Watch the videos, then test your knowledge with flash cards and a quiz. You'll be rockin' in no time!

• Step-by-step split-screen video demonstrations
• Lessons for acoustic and electric guitar
• Over 60 exercises and songs, including strumming, finger picking, riffs and solos
• 50 flash cards covering chords
• Covers effects, amps, stringing, alternate tunings and more