Driving School

Step-by-Step Video Lessons and Helpful Tips
Driving School
Platform:  iPhone/iPad (Universal App)
Category:  Reference
Age Rating:  4+

Whether you’re a novice driver looking to earn your first license, or a road veteran hoping to brush up on your skills, Driving School is a great way to learn all you’ll need to know for a driver’s test—parking, steering and turning, braking, reversing, acceleration, entering and leaving traffic, city and rural driving, and more. Follow step-by-step video lessons with helpful driving tips from the driver handbooks of 18 different American states and Canadian provinces. Topics covered include licensing rules, car insurance, road safety, buying a car, the functions of your car’s gauges and controls, and more.

Read along with the text as you watch the videos, then take a fun quiz to find out what you've learned! The innovative videobook format is intuitive to use and lets you quickly navigate with the swipe of a finger.

Driving School is intended for use as an aid to persons wishing to improve their driving skills and is not intended as a replacement for traditional driving instruction.

• 50 flashcards for quick review
• A professional driving instructor shows you proper techniques with narration to explain every scene
• Video lessons with multiple angles to show how the car moves, and what the driver is doing
• Covers important techniques