1001 Crystal Mazes

The ultimate jewel puzzle challenge!
1001 Crystal Mazes
Platform:  iPhone
Category:  Games
Age Rating:  4+

Over 1000 different logic puzzles will test your skills and push your brain to the limit! It's quick to learn—just push the jewels forward to their target destinations—but takes a lifetime to master! Are you up to the challenge? Features include an undo/redo function, puzzle randomizer and puzzle selection menu. Give your brain a workout with 1001 Crystal Mazes, the deceptively simple jewel logic game!

• Over 1000 different puzzles
• Select puzzle
• Puzzle randomizer
• Undo moves
• Redo moves

The graphics are good, navigation is simple, and overall I believe it is a great game. iPhone-Journal: http://www.iphone-journal.com/2011/05/20/1001-crystal-mazes-iphone-game-...
If you enjoy a good brain puzzler, this app might just be for you. AppAdvice: http://appadvice.com/appnn/2011/04/1001-crystal-mazes-challenge-brain
1001 Crystal Mazes will stump brainiacs young and old. AppDigity: http://www.appdigity.com/pages/view_app.php?app_id=321