Become a Guitar All Star With New Music Lessons App From Selectsoft

February 27, 2014

As research continues to show the benefits of music learning for the brain, California-based family-friendly app developer Selectsoft is excited to announce Guitar All Star, their newest music learning app for iPhone and iPad. Joining Selectsoft's other top-selling education titles, Guitar All Star combines split-screen video lessons, flash cards and a quiz to quickly teach practical guitar skills to users of all ages. Guitar All Star makes it easy to learn, practice and repeat real songs and chords, with over 60 exercises and songs covering strumming, finger picking, riffs and solos. Containing exercises and songs in all the major styles—rock, blues and country, bluegrass and celtic, classical and world music—and covering both acoustic and electric guitar playing, Guitar All Star will keep musicians of all types interested and ready to learn.

Guitar All Star features a simple interface that makes it easy and quick to browse lessons. Users follow along with the step-by-step personal video lessons as an expert shows the right way to play. The demos provide easy-to-follow, clear, close-up split-screen views of both hands to ensure the correct technique. Written insets let users learn by ear and learn to read music at the same time. After watching the video lessons, users can review with a quiz, or browse through the menu to jump to specific lessons for additional practice. Fifty flash cards cover chords, providing an opportunity to work on memorization skills with pictures and text. After completing the Guitar All Star course, users will have learned about both acoustic and electric guitars, effects, amps, stringing, alternate tunings, strumming, finger picking, riffs, solos and more.

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