Atari Coin-Op Classic: Super Breakout

Atari Coin-Op Classic: Super Breakout
Part Number:  LTATPSUBRP
Operating System: Windows®  XP, Vista
UPC:  7-98936-82491-2
Package:  Mini Jewel Case

Fits 99% of all CD-ROM drives. Horizontal Tray Loading only. No slot loading. Super Breakout

You've got a mobile paddle and balls. But you don't have a lot of balls at your disposal, so you have to make the best use of them that you can to knock down the rows of colorful bricks overhead. In some games, there may be other, free-floating balls trapped in "cavities" in the bricks, and setting them loose will mean you'll have several balls to handle. Missing one of your balls forces you to call another ball into play. Losing all of your balls ends the game.

System Req: 

• Pentium 133MHz or faster
• 16MB RAM
• 2.5MB free hard disk space
• 2MB or higher SVGA video card
• DirectX-compatible sound card
• Mircosoft DirectX 5.0 or higher