Atari Coin-Op Classic: Centipede

Atari Coin-Op Classic: Centipede
Part Number:  LTATPCENTP
Operating System: Windows®  XP, Vista
UPC:  7-98936-82489-9
Package:  Mini Jewel Case

Fits 99% of all CD-ROM drives. Horizontal Tray Loading only. No slot loading.

In a misty, enchanted forest lives a colony of good elves. These elves have a major problem, though. Their prized mushroom garden is infested with pests - a giant Centipede, a poison-spreading scorpion, a mischief-making spider, and pesky fleas. When one elf discovers a magic wand that shoots showers of sparks, they finally have the chance to rid their garden of these bugs.

System Req: 

• Pentium 133MHz or faster
• 16MB RAM
• 3MB free hard disk space
• 2MB or higher SVGA video card
• DirectX-compatible sound card
• Mircosoft DirectX 5.0 or higher