Atari Coin-Op Classic: Asteroids

Atari Coin-Op Classic: Asteroids
Part Number:  LTATPASTEP
Operating System: Windows®  XP, Vista
UPC:  7-98936-82487-5
Package:  Mini Jewel Case

Fits 99% of all CD-ROM drives. Horizontal Tray Loading only. No slot loading.

Look out! The Cosmic Space Patrol's ship is suddenly surrounded by thousands of deadly asteroids. They must act quickly to dodge or destroy them and save their spacecraft. The Cosmic Space Patrol is highly trained to handle this situation. Can you do as good a job?

System Req: 

• Pentium 133MHz or faster
• 16MB RAM
• 10MB free hard disk space
• 2MB or higher SVGA video card
• DirectX-compatible sound card
• Mircosoft DirectX 5.0 or higher