Alien Energy Collection - Live Wallpaper

Experience the brilliance of an extraterrestrial light show with the Alien Energy Collection.
Alien Energy Collection - Live Wallpaper
Platform:  Android Phone/Tablet
Category:  Lifestyle

These high-quality seamless video loops bring your screen alive with beautiful energy! Live Wallpaper by LiveScapes aren't like other video loops. They’re continuous scenes that look like real life. With LiveScapes you can transform your screen into a window to another world!

• 5 vivid wallpapers to choose from
• Easily set your wallpaper from the drop-down list
• Cycle through the entire wallpaper collection by turning on Auto Rotation
• Select "Set Rotation" to choose how long it takes to cycle through the wallpaper collection
• Turn on "Shake to Change" and shake your device to change the wallpaper
• Use on both your phone and tablet
• Automatically chooses the correct orientation